Water soluble bags

Water soluble bags

Water-soluble bags (PVA)

Water-soluble bags dissolve in contact with cold or hot (more than 50ºC or more) water, which makes them an excellent eco-friendly replacement for traditional plastics in the laundry sector. Contaminated textiles (blood, faeces, microbes, germs etc.) are placed in water-soluble bags and these are placed directly in the washing machine. This avoids any risk of contamination and infection in laundry, nursing home, hospital and hotel staff.

Made of Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and materials of natural origin, water-soluble bags are transformed into H2O and generate no microplastic waste and no damage to the environment. Water-soluble bags are considered biodegradable, are free of polyethylene and polypropylene and do no damage to the marine ecosystem once they are dissolved in water. They are 100% eco-friendly. All our water-soluble bags are certified biodegradable.

We stock a wide range of sizes. Water-soluble bags are customisable in size, serigraphy and type of closure.

We know that our consumers are ever-more demanding and they are choosing materials with a lower environmental impact. For this reason, in Coplasem we have positioned ourselves in the vanguard of the sector by adapting our machinery to these new materials. We advise our clients on how to change their packaging for new more eco-friendly, sustainable options, substituting conventional plastics with BIO options such as compostable, recycled and water-soluble films.