Single-head valve bag

Polyethylene bags that combine the properties of the side valve bag with pleats and inner valve bag bottom and head.

  • Inner head valve bag

    This bag is a mix between the "side valve bag with pleats" and the "inner valve bag bottom and head". Combining both formats we have obtained a container with almost the same performance and safety of the second one, but with a very interesting price since the bottom of the bag only has flat sealing; the width of the folds allows us to make the desired width of the valve mouth and to obtain a very good seating on pallet with an economic bag price.

  • Reversible single-head valve sack

    With the same properties of the valve bag model with one inner head, adding the protrusion of the valve so that once filled we fold this protrusion and insert it underneath in a hole prepared for it and thus avoid any leakage of product. It also allows us to thermally weld the protrusion before inserting it into its cavity, thus achieving a totally hermetic seal.

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