Polyethylene bags : Coplasem

Polyethylene bags

We manufacture open and valve-filled polyethylene sacks (PE). We have 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of valved sacks and a capacity of 500,000 sacks per month. We are tremendously versatile and we adapt to your requirements and not the other way round. This production capacity allows us to fulfil orders with rapid delivery times. Polythene valved sacks are designed to allow rapid and easy product packing in the appropriate installation. The valve allows the sack to be filled without the product escaping as the valve closes as soon as it is disconnected from the filling machine. The product is packed and sealed without heat sealing nor sewing which provides a considerable time saving. Valved sacks, once filled, form easily stacked blocks. We are specialists with great experience in the manufacture of this type of product. Many major companies trust our products for packaging their materials. Valved sacks are used in a wide range of sectors, mining, refractory products, pellets, recycling, chemicals, dolomites, carbonates, fertilizers, mortar, salt… Our sacks are also used by customers that manufacture TOXIC or HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES that require a CERTIFIED SACK for legal transport. We put the necessary means in place to offer personalised attention and a simple and appropriate solution for each case. Valved sacks can be manufactured in single or multiple layer materials, depending on the product to be packed. All our sacks are recyclable and biodegradable. There are different levels of personalization:

  • Anti-UVI treatment
  • Coextrusion material (multilayer)
  • Anti-slip or embossed sacks
  • Recycled material sacks
  • Customised serigraphy
  • Microperforated sacks
  • Anti-static material sacks
  • EVA sacks (low melting point)
  • Certified sacks for the transport of hazardous materials

We manufacture several models of PE sacks for all types of packing machines.