Sack with open mouth and double flat bottom

Open-mouth polyethylene bags with double bottom are approved for the transport of dangerous goods and are particularly suitable for chemical companies. These containers consist of two independent bags (one inside the other). To close these open-mouth bags with double bottom, a heat sealer or thread seamer can be used.

It is a conventional polyethylene bag to be closed thermally or with thread stitching, but with the advantage of a flat bottom for a perfect palletizing and final presentation of the package. Same format as the simple model but with the great advantage of the double sack. They are two totally independent containers, one inside the other, but each one of them with a separate closure for double security. It is widely used in chemical companies and in those who do not have a valve system for packaging but need a safe and fast packaging. We also work with customers with this type of packaging, to whom we manufacture approved bags for the transport of hazardous materials.

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