Automatic packaging film

Film for automatic multilayer packaging

We manufacture film for automatic multilayer packaging with different polymers and biodegradable materials.

Coplasem offers customized and personalized packaging film to meet the requirements of our customers. The typology of films for automatic use covers fields such as food, substrates, raw materials, etc.

Our different types of finishing, allows us to cover wide market sectors, with materials of different width and thickness. We have a flexible production capacity and we are able to solve emergencies by supplying the product very urgently in case of stock out of stock.

We offer customized printing on packaging film, as well as development of multilayer films in different widths and thicknesses.

Personalized advice

Coplasem has as a clear objective the protection of the environment, trying to minimize waste during the production system and producing materials that fully respect the needs of reuse and recycling, developing increasingly sustainable materials.

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