VCI Protective packaging

VCI Protective packaging

VCI protective packaging

VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) is a component against corrosion which is incorporated into conventional plastic and which, on contact with metal surfaces reacts creating an invisible protective layer. This layer avoids corrosion caused by damp, salinity and airborne impurities. Even if the plastic protection is perforated the effect does not disappear. The VCI dissipates from the plastic or paper and forms a molecular protective layer on the metal surfaces.

Unlike other protective elements, the VCI system gives a considerable time saving as it does not require oils, given that the VCI effect protects even the most hidden parts of the merchandise. Once unwrapped, the merchandise does not require any special treatment as the VCI is no longer in contact with the metal and the effect disappears without a trace. The VCI additive in non-toxic for humans. As it is trapped within the plastic, exposition is minimal for staff.


Provided in rolls, bags, covers, large rolls and in packets for protecting the interior of machinery or individually wrapped parts where the exterior effect of the VCI plastic maybe less strong. With these VCI bags we ensure total protection of our merchandise.


The most common uses are:

  • Wrapping of parts for the automotive industry and industry in general
  • Wrapping components that combine different materials.
  • Maritime transport protection
  • Protection for parts while waiting on the production line.
  • Long-term storage.

The use of VCI in the packaging sector can solve multiple problems for industry at relatively economical prices. It is a more operative and economical system than greasing and then cleaning with solvents. The great variety of possibilities that the bags offer allow practical, attractive and simple wrapping alternatives.

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