Plastic pallets

Nestable or compact plastic pallets

Plastic pallets made of polypropylene or polyethylene, in various models, sizes and colors. They can be nestable or compact and do not require fumigation treatments to eliminate parasites.

Polypropylene pallets and polyethylene pallets are manufactured in virgin or recycled material depending on their use and loads to be supported. We have light plastic pallets, reusable pallets, high resistance pallets and hygienic pallets.

Plastic pallets are more and more used in the automotive, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, export and food industries ....

Advantages of using plastic pallets:

  • Low weight pallets
  • High durability, 10 times longer than conventional wooden pallets
  • Lightweight plastic pallets can be nestable and stackable to save weight and space
  • Ideal for export
  • High load capacity

We have a qualified team to advise you on the optimal type of plastic pallet required, according to your needs and expectations.

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