VCI protective packaging

VCI protective packaging

VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) is an anti-corrosion component incorporated into conventional plastic that reacts with metal surfaces to form an invisible protective layer that prevents the corrosive effect caused by humidity, salinity and impurities in the air. Even if the protective plastic is perforated, the effect does not disappear. The VCI element dissipates from the plastic or paper and clusters on the metal surfaces to form a protective molecular layer.

Unlike other protective elements, with this VCI system we ensure considerable time savings, as no oils are required, since the VCI effect protects even the most hidden areas of the goods. Once unpacked, the goods do not need any treatment, since the effect disappears without leaving any trace, as it is not in contact with the metal. The VCI additive is not toxic for people, as it is trapped inside the plastic, the exposure is minimal for the operators.

It comes in rolls, bags, sleeves, reels and in packages to protect the inner parts of machinery or packaged parts where the VCI effect of the plastic of the outer wrapping may be weaker. With these VCI bags we ensure total protection of our merchandise.


  • The most common use of this material is:
  • Packaging of parts for automotive and general industry
  • Packaging of components that combine different materials.
  • To protect in maritime transports.
  • To protect during the production of parts in waiting lines.
  • Long-term storage.

The use of VCI applied to the packaging sector can solve many industry problems at relatively low cost. It is a more operational and economical system than the traditional grease application, solvent cleaning, etc. In addition, the wide variety of possibilities offered in terms of types of bags allows practical, beautiful and simple packaging.

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