Security bags

Security bags

The procedures to obtain evidence require special solutions, whether for fire debris, forensic evidence, etc... With the various security bags offered by Coplasem, you can safely store, transport and protect a wide variety of evidence and traces. Evidence can also be stored and protected for longer periods of time, depending on requirements, breathable, shield-proof or gas-proof.

Security bags prevent tampering with their contents as any attempt to open the bag without consent will be marked on the closure. Even if you try to reseal the bag the evidence, the fraud of the bag will be revealed if there has been the slightest attempt of tampering.

Double body security bags are available.

Double body security bags are available. These high security bags have the same invulnerability characteristics, with the particularity of being two bags closed by a single zipper.

The double body security bag system allows you to send two independent items or attach separate and differentiated documentation. All bags are coded with code 39 or EDI in cash with consecutive numbering.

We have security bags with breathability certificate, ideal for safeguarding police and sanitary evidences that required this feature.

In stock various types of security bags in different sizes and applications for IMMEDIATE SHIPPING

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