Plastic cardboard sheets

Plastic cardboard sheets

Plastic cardboard is an ultra-light, resistant, returnable, very flexible and easy to clean material. It is a product with a great diversity and variety of uses, highly used in packaging. It is manufactured with two layers of recycled plastic with corrugation between them. The corrugation is thin structural tubes used to add strength to the plastic. These sheets are rigid and durable. Honeycomb polypropylene is a hygienic and environmentally friendly alternative to materials such as wood or cardboard traditionally used for packaging.
Due to its special characteristics, plastic cardboard can be cut, scratched, folded, stapled and generally handled in the same way as corrugated cardboard, but it is much more attractive and several times more resistant than cardboard. Because of its perfect finish, as well as its easy printing and wide range of colors and shades, corrugated plastic is the ideal material for packaging those products that need an attractive presentation. Its impermeability, lightness, high resistance, ability to withstand temperatures of up to 50ºC below zero and the possibility of revealing the contents from the outside, playing with the transparency of the material, make plastic cardboard a highly versatile material in a wide variety of public sectors. With plastic cardboard sheets you protect the goods against humidity and dirt. It also protects it during the transport of heavy or deformed cargo, such as: paint buckets, ceramics, cans, drums, etc. Advantages:
  • Much more resistant than cardboard sheets
  • Protects against moisture, spray and other substances such as alcohol, grease, mild acids, chemicals, etc
  • Flexible and universally usable as a buffer, cover, bottom or sidewall sheet
  • Protects against shocks, breakage and friction
  • Extremely stable and resistant due to hollow-chamber construction
  • Reusable, washable and 100% recyclable.
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