Water soluble bags

Producto Sostenible

H2OK (PVA) water-soluble and compostable bags

Coplasem presents an innovative eco-friendly solution of water-soluble and compostable bag, developed in the prestigious LMPE (Laboratory of Eco-compatible Polymer Materials), European leader laboratory in the development of Ecological Polymers. The main characteristic of this bag is its ability to be diluted in water or to decompose in the environment according to the compostability standard EN-13432. These bags are made with polyvinyl alcohol and materials of natural origin, which makes them an attractive solution for multiple sectors that are committed to sustainable solutions such as the retail sector, supermarkets, postal deliveries, packaging of garments, waste (dry), etc... H2OK water soluble bags are available in different formats, sizes, thicknesses, colors and are customizable to suit customer needs.

We know that our consumers are increasingly demanding, opting for materials that have a lower environmental impact, which is why in Coplasem we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of the packaging industry by adapting our machinery to these new materials. Our goal is to advise our customers in the replacement of their packaging to become more ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly, modifying the conventional plastic by more BIO options such as compostable, recycled and water-soluble films.

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