Polyethylene bags

Polyethylene (PE) bags

We manufacture polyethylene (PE) bags with open mouth or valve filling system. The polyethylene bag with valve is designed to allow a quick and easy packaging of the products in a bagging installation suitable for this type of packaging. The valve allows the filling of the bag and at the same time prevents the packaged product from escaping, since with this system the valve closes automatically once the bag is removed from the filling machine, so that the product is packaged in an airtight bag without the need to close it thermally or by sewing its mouth, thus obtaining a significant time saving. Once filled, the valve bag forms an easily stackable block.
We are specialists with a long experience in the manufacture of this type of packaging. Very important companies entrust us with the packaging of their materials. There are many industrial sectors covered by valve bags, such as mining companies, refractory, chippings, recyclers, chemicals, dolomites, carbonates, fertilizers, cement glue, salt, .. Our bags are also demanded by customers who manufacture HAZARDOUS or TOXIC SUBSTANCES and need an APPROVED BAG for their transport according to the current legislation. We want to offer them simple and appropriate solutions in each case and a direct treatment putting the necessary means for it. The valve bags can be manufactured in single-layer or laminated materials, depending on the product to be packed. All our bags are recyclable and biodegradable.

We have several options for customization of polyethylene bags:

  • Anti-UVI treatment
  • Coextrusion material (multilayer)
  • Sack with anti-skid or embossed fillers
  • Sacks with recycled material
  • Personalized silkscreen printing
  • Micro-perforated bags
  • Sacks with anti-static material
  • Sacks made of Eva (low melting point)
  • Approved sacks for the transport of dangerous goods
We manufacture PE sacks with valve type filling system of various models, adapted to any packaging machine.
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