LDPE TRANSPARENT SLEEVES 107/65 X 120 CM (107/65 X 120 CM) GAUGE 200


Low density polyethylene open mouth bags, made of 100% virgin material suitable for food contact, with great transparency, brightness and flexibility. Very strong bags that perfectly protect even heavy products and products with sharp edges. Good resistance to tearing and breakage.plastic bags for industrial use are used in most cases for the protection of parts, boxes and containers. They withstand large temperature and humidity fluctuations, which makes them a great insulator for the material contained inside, preventing rapid oxidation, deterioration by sunlight and protecting the material from scratches or scrapes.

Main characteristics:
-Transparent colortente high gloss.
-Good resistance to tear and breakage
-Good protection against dust.
-Suitable for food contact.
-Ecological bags, manufactured with 100% recyclable material
Coplasem manufactures a wide variety of bags for industrial use. The bags for industrial use can be customized in color, thickness and material. Also, our production capacity allows us to incorporate custom printing in all types of bags available. The diversity of materials ranges from virgin materials suitable for food use, recycled materials, compostable materials and water-soluble materials. We have a wide variety of bags for industrial use in stock for immediate shipment. Send us your inquiry without obligation.
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