Food gloves

Hygienic plastic food gloves

This product consists of a dispenser and a hygienic glove for food handling.

It allows to put on and take off the plastic glove in a practical and quick way. It is fitted with a wrist strap for easy replacement of the plastic gloves and has a magnetized base for one-handed use. The glove is suitable for both hands.

The special plastic gloves for food can be used in bakeries, supermarkets and grocery stores, pastry shops, fruit and vegetable stores, fishmongers, etc.

Advantages of plastic food gloves:

Unlike latex gloves that can cause sweating and dermatitis by having to wear them for a long time, our plastic gloves avoid those problems as you only need to put them on when you are going to use them.

The material of which the hygienic plastic gloves are made does not cause any kind of reaction on the skin and above all does not discharge powder.

Other transparent gloves have a thickness of 10 microns while ours are 30 microns, so changing gloves 2 or 3 times a day would be more than enough for proper hygiene in food handling. In this way we help to reduce the environmental impact considerably.

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