Corner protectors

Recycled product

Corner protectors

Packaging corner protect ors are designed to protect the edges and corners of pallets, crates and other products. In addition,corner protectors stabilize and provide rigidity to palletizing, improve stackability, facilitate stretch wrapping and strapping, and prevent damage to the primary packaging during transportation and pallet handling. In short, they provide vertical protection during transport and storage, providing great stability and stacking resistance during transport and storage.

Our corner protectors can be manufactured in wave widths from 25mm to 120mm and in thicknesses from 2mm to 8mm. The corner protectors can be customizable in colors, white, gloss white, kraft color, etc... and can be customized with silk-screen printing on demand. Unlike other types of corner protectors made from substitutes of other non-recyclable materials. Coplasem corner protectors are made exclusively from recycled paper.

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