Bottom and head valve bag

We have 3 types of head and bottom valve bags:

  • Single head and bottom valve bag
  • Inner head and bottom valve bag
  • Reversible bottom and head valve bag

These are the best known models within the family of polyethylene valve bags for industry. They are robust and safe, guaranteeing a perfect final palletization once filled.

The reversible bottom and head valve bag is similar to the inner bottom and head valve bag model, but incorporates an important improvement when it comes to packaging products in sealed bags. We can manufacture it with valve protrusion so that once filled, we fold this protrusion and insert it in a hole prepared for it and thus avoid any leakage of product. It also allows us to thermally weld the protrusion before inserting it in its cavity, thus achieving a totally hermetic seal. Specially indicated for the transport of pellets, chemical products, fertilizers, fertilizers...

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