Aluminum casings

Flexible Aluminum Sheaths

Flexible aluminum sle eves manufactured with barrier materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and Aluminized Film. By covering the parts with aluminum sleeves, we ensure that the goods arrive at their destination protected from the effects of rust and corrosion. They can be used for the inside of boxes and once the pieces are placed inside the bag, the air inside the bag is removed and then the bag is thermally sealed to prevent oxidation of the packaged material.

For larger items, such as engines or various machinery, a sheet of this film is first placed on the wooden base that will transport them and then, once the machine has been placed on it, we proceed to place an aluminum cover that covers it, thermally joining it with the lower sheet. In the absence of a small section to complete the closing of the packaging we would put a vacuum tube to remove the air from the inside filling in turn with a small amount of anti-humidity salts that will absorb the little amount of air that has been left, thus achieving a completely airtight packaging.

We also supply the thermal clamps necessary to attach the aluminum sleeve to the bottom sheet.

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